Who Are The People Playing Mobile Games?

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Who Really Plays Mobile Games? (Spoiler Alert: It’s Not Who You Think)

We all have an image of what a modern day gamer is like: It usually includes something along the lines of Mom’s basement and a raging Doritos addiction. But mobile gaming has officially changed the face of gamers as a group, and it’s probably Mom who’s playing games on her smartphone. This means a lot to the research through gaming field.

The very nature of mobile games–quick, entertaining, and addictive–make them the perfect match for people who are short on time but still looking for something to pass the few spare minutes they do have. That is why mobile is the core aspect of market research trends for 2015. The fundamental shift of gaming into the popular collective means that the gaming community is no longer made up of 20-something males, but gamers whose age, gender, and lifestyle might surprise you.

Relationship Status

Single no more! According to our gamer data, the average mobile gamer is actually in a relationship–to the tune of 63 percent. In fact, only 28 percent are single, with 38 percent married, 13 percent divorced, and 9 percent who admit that their relationship status is “complicated.”

Surprisingly enough, 61 percent of our gamers are parents, while 13 percent have grandkids. The majority rent their place (42 percent), and 31 percent own their own homes.

Gamer Life

It might conjure images of dank basements and serious console wars, but a mobile gamer’s lifestyle probably isn’t that much different than your own. For one, gamers are pet-lovers, with 76 percent of our players sharing their home with a furry friend. Over 50 percent are the ones responsible for buying groceries in their homes, and–to dispel any myths about consuming only Mountain Dew and Cheetos–44 percent of our players watch what they eat and 16 percent have been to the gym in the past month.

Our average gamer has a good sense of humor and a penchant for the mysterious: 44 percent say they love funny movies the best and 46 percent list crime and thrillers as their favorite book genre (proving that there is life outside of gaming for our mobile players).

Leveling Up

When offered incentives to play games, the average mobile gamer is more likely to choose cash over more gaming: 63 percent of our players opted for $25 instead of a $50 Google Play gift card, and 35 percent went for $100 over a $400 Playstation 4 or Xbox One console.

As gaming makes its way from fringe habit to popular pastime, it changes the overall gaming community demographics. Your accountant and Aunt Cathy are probably just as likely to have played a game on their smartphones as the 18-year-old you see engrossed in his Galaxy on the bus.

So, the next time you log onto play another round of your mobile game, don’t feel guilty: You’re part of a mobile gaming revolution.

Pass the Doritos.


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