How Upfront Analytics Can Help You

The Pryz Manor is a mobile game app for Android devices that you can download here. Each room in The Pryz Manor contains a different game. Each game provides a unique game experience and collects a particular kind of market data. The Pryz Manor is free to download. Players can win prizes for the quality and quantity of their game play. Players are aware that anonymized, aggregate data derived from gameplay will be used for market research.
We provide quant research. But because of the speed with which we can collect data from our player panel, some clients use our games to pre-test concepts for their qual research.
Brands and products that have high general awareness in the market work best. We excel at unlocking the drivers of consumer attitudes. Our games tap into System-1 thinking, which allows us to observe and predict behavior that differs from stated intentions and attitudes.
This concept was popularized by Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman in his best-selling book, Thinking, Fast and Slow. Kahneman proposed that there are two different systems for decision making: System 1 (fast, instinctual and emotional) and System 2 (slow, deliberative and logical). Most consumer decisions are made using System 1, so we have created a series of games aimed at capturing System-1 thinking. The high entertainment value of our games also boosts response rates.
Yes. We have many best practices in how to derive the most useful insights from our games. We will work with you to construct game content pertaining to your brand, your competitors, and general performance benchmarks.
Unfortunately, no. We can investigate most consumer brands just by varying the content in our existing Pryz Manor games.
You have the ability to pose survey questions in The Pryz Manor’s Salon. But The Pryz Manor is more than a survey app: Salon questions are typically only a small part of a full inquiry about your brand or product using the full range of Pryz Manor games.
Sometimes surveys don’t get at the instinctual or behavioral data that you need. Sometimes the scope of an inquiry results in a survey that’s overly long. We can map all or part of an existing survey inquiry on to our game content.
Most of our clients want data from our nationally representative (“nat-rep”) panels in the United States and the United Kingdom, but we can also invite members of your panel or loyalty program to join The Pryz Manor. The data we gather from them can be combined with the survey or CRM data that you already have to give a more complete picture of community opinions and behaviors.


The number of smartphone and tablet owners increases every quarter — they are becoming essential elements of modern life. 32% of consumers’ time on smartphones and tablets is spent playing games, with the average US mobile game player spending over 50 minutes per day within game apps.
Our US players form a curated, nat-rep sample of American mobile game players, balanced by the 2010 U.S. census population on age, gender, education, income, and location. Our UK panel is similarly curated and balanced based on commercially available demographic data.
The panel is continually refreshed and balanced through a combination of player invites and targeted recruitment. Targeted recruitment sources include social networks, advertising in other mobile games, and peer recruitment.
Android accounts for approximately 85% global smartphone market share. Android owners are more demographically representative than iPhone owners.
The Pryz Manor has been downloaded by over 90,000 people and has an average rating of 4.0 stars on Google Play. Our retention rate is significantly higher than the average rate for Android games. 19% of our users are classified as high value players, who use the app for an average of 10 minutes per day over an average lifetime of 26 days. A further 7% of users are classified as ultra high value players, who use the app for an average of 14 minutes per day over an average lifetime of 132 days.


Our methodology combines the best of big-data analytics and targeted inquiry like surveys and focus groups. Our players have played over 4 million games within The Pryz Manor, generating a large and well-organized data corpus that can be analyzed for interesting patterns. But unlike passive big-data approaches, we can pose specific questions to our players to target our inquiries.
You get real-time access to your data via our interactive dashboard. The data can be segmented by standard and custom demographics. You can see some example reports here (username ‘salesdemo’ and password ‘salesdemo’). Your data can also be exported as a .csv file, so you can analyze it and visualize it with your own tools.
Yes. It’s not hard to extract meaningful insights from our data, but we will work with you to get the most out of the data, especially over the first couple of projects with us.
Yes, our data is accurate and insightful. Check out our validation white papers here.
Surveys suffer from a range of problems – from demand characteristics and straight-lining to just plain apathy – that are common to ‘System 2’ approaches. In contrast, The Pryz Manor players are motivated to engage honestly and openly within our games.
Each game mechanic is designed to incentivize participants to respond honestly. Survey-style questions are limited to one per day and are followed by a discussion board where participants can share their opinions and view the results. Our system also identifies participants with inconsistent or illogical responses, flags their responses as potentially fraudulent, and removes their data from the results.