Government Resources for Market Research

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They say that nothing in life is for free–especially when it comes to the government. But, in support of small business, the U.S. government does offer a wealth of information to help get you pointed down the right path. What better way to complete market research than to use the largest and most official databases on consumers, industries, and economic conditions?

Does Silicon Valley Respect Market Research?

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We love a success story, but it’s the tales of failure that really teach us something. And with Silicon Valley churning out superstar startups and corporate collapse at a breakneck pace, it’s all too easy to chalk up wins and losses to some special sauce: A combination of innovation, contacts, and dumb luck.

Made in China: Why Americans are Skeptical of Asian Brands

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Whether you’re a die-hard “made in America” person or you’re more interested in getting the best price, most Americans agree that when it comes to products, Chinese-made isn’t first choice. A 2005 survey by Synovate found that only one in eight Americans think highly of Chinese-made products. In contrast, 78 percent of Americans rated American-made products as “high quality.”

Understanding the Importance of Demographics in Marketing

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A very detailed map of US regions. Each region is grouped and labeled in a separate layer and is very easy to manipulate. Each state can be easily manipulated. The vector formats for Adobe Illustrator AI CS2 and EPS. Also includes a high res JPG file. Map source is in public domain at US Cencus Bureau website.

Most people willingly assign themselves to categories. In fact, they prefer to be categorized, proudly proclaiming themselves as Cleveland Cavaliers fans; book-lovers; people who are scared of spiders. Categories are way for people to find those most like themselves and assign certain traits and characteristics to their own behavior…

Why Surveys & Polls Might Soon Become Outdated

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The rise of the telephone in the 1970s was followed by the peak of something slightly less sexy: The telephone survey. Today, you’re probably more likely to share your opinion by clicking a button or using a hashtag, but some digitally-sourced big data may not be any more sophisticated than “Press one for ‘no.’” Read more here:

Is the Market Research Industry Lagging Behind?

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When your phone can schedule appointments and tell you how many carbs are in your morning latte, it’s hard to imagine a time when tech didn’t rule every aspect of life. But not every industry moves at such sophisticated speeds. Read more here:

Why Calling Landlines for Market Research is Inaccurate

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Why Calling Landlines for Market Research is Inaccurate

The Death Spiral of Landline Continues Over four billion dollars was spent on collecting market research through telephone surveys during 2013[1], 70% of which is estimated to come from landline calls[2]. The market research community continues to rely heavily on RDD landline surveys, even as reduced landline coverage rates call the validity of the method into question. How Bad Is … Read More