The First Step in the Marketing Research Process is To:

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Your Market Research To-Do List: Getting Started Market research makes some lofty promises, but only if it’s done right. Too often, excitement outweighs laser focus at the start of a market research project, which could result in faulty, incomplete, or even throw-away data. Only by taking the time to properly frame a market research project can the resulting data be … Read More

How To Use Social Media for Market Research

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Social Media

Nothing sets tongues wagging quite like a social media scoop. From controversial hashtags to breaking news and strong opinions, social media is perfect for taking the current pulse of an entire subset of people:

Gamification: Pros & Cons

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Gamification basically means taking elements of video games and applying them to the work culture. This can be anything from scoring points, creating virtual badges, prizes, competitions, and similar activities in order to keep employees motivated, engaged, and possibly happy. However, as one can imagine, gamification isn’t all fun and games. Ha-ha. On a serious note, gamification carries some legitimate risks, and should therefore be implemented with expert administration. Let’s look into the pros and cons of gamification so that we can better understand how and why it is appropriate.