Marketing ROI vs ROMI (Return on Marketing Investment)

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Businessman drawing ROI (return on investment) with graphs

As far as business buzzwords go, ROI practically has celebrity status, making an appearance at every planning meeting. And why not? Knowing that what you’re investing in business is making a positive impact is a necessary part of planning strategy going forward. But while ROI is useful for initiatives like switching to a new supplier or changing sales tactics, determining an ROI for marketing can cause some confusion.

Understanding the Importance of Segmentation in Marketing

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Marketing segmentation, target audience, customers care, customer relationship management (CRM), customer analysis and focus group concepts. Wide banner composition.

Segmentation might be one of the oldest tenets of marketing, even if the vendors peddling their wares in the 1800s didn’t realize it. Even in the most primitive selling environments, you wouldn’t find an umbrella vendor trying to coax buyers when it was sunny. Instead, he’d wait until it started to rain to correctly identify the segment of the population most in need of an umbrella at that moment.

The Coke Tweet Machine: Using Personal Data to Reward Consumers

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Last year, Coca-Cola and The Cyranos McCann agency launched an intriguing attitude test in Spain. The Coke Tweet Machine allowed people to pay for a Coke with their digital footprint – specifically their tweets. After requesting their twitter @username, the vending machine in El Prat de Llobregat ran a quick sentiment analysis on a consumer’s past tweets and the more positive they were, the lower the price the machine offered them for a Coke.

Act Now! How McDonalds Inspired Positive Urgency in Customers

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Melting ice cubes on grey background

Picture this: You’re in front of a branded ice machine and when you push a button, instead of ice, it dispenses a coupon for a sweet frozen treat. The caveat? The coupon itself is made of ice. What do you do? If your answer is “Run to the nearest location before the coupon melts,” you’d probably love to be part of…

Do Pop Up Shops Help Boost Marketing via Brand Engagement?

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Pop-Up Book - City Lifestyle. Styled 3D pop-up book city with busy urban city people going about their business.

Flash mobs, daily deals and disappearing photo messages… we’re ready to call it: The 2010’s are the decade of impermanence. Maybe it’s the shifting structure of society, maybe it’s the prevalence of social media, or maybe it’s just that our attention spans have been fried by watching too many flash mob wedding videos on YouTube. Whatever it is, people today really love novelty.

Understanding the Importance of Demographics in Marketing

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A very detailed map of US regions. Each region is grouped and labeled in a separate layer and is very easy to manipulate. Each state can be easily manipulated. The vector formats for Adobe Illustrator AI CS2 and EPS. Also includes a high res JPG file. Map source is in public domain at US Cencus Bureau website.

Most people willingly assign themselves to categories. In fact, they prefer to be categorized, proudly proclaiming themselves as Cleveland Cavaliers fans; book-lovers; people who are scared of spiders. Categories are way for people to find those most like themselves and assign certain traits and characteristics to their own behavior…

How To Avoid Cognitive Bias in Market Research

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Who How Why What Questions Meaning Researching And Investigating

Most people like to think of themselves as objective and rational, capable of evaluating all of the information available in order to make the right decision at the right time. In reality, our decision making is often flawed, influenced by cognitive biases…

Market Research vs Competitive Intelligence

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All’s fair in love and war, and on the battleground that is business, intelligence is more than fair: It’s the biggest difference between the company that claims victory and the one licking its wounds and limping home.

Market research is a first line of defense for every organization…

Why Census Data is Useful for Market Research

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A 3d map of the United States, with the most populated states in dark blue and the least populated in light blue, data from 2000 U.S. Census

The U.S. Census may not be the most interactive or engaging of surveys, but it does have one thing firmly on its side: The law. And while you probably can’t invoke legal penalties to encourage respondents to complete your next market research study, you can still reap some of the benefits from Census Bureau’s approach…