What are the Advantages & Applications of Mobile Commerce?

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Americans are more addicted to their mobile gadgets than ever: According to the Pew Internet Center, 64 percent of American adults own a smartphone and 42 percent are the proud owners of an Internet-connected tablet. Sixty-seven percent of smartphone users check their devices even when they don’t hear an alert, and 29 percent admit that they couldn’t imagine living without their smartphone.

Why Aren’t More Brands Using Instagram?

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3 Myths and Misconceptions With 300 million active users each month and 70 million photos shared each day, Instagram seems like a no-brainer for brands looking to gain exposure. But a recent survey by Yesmail found that while 80 percent of brands use Facebook and 82 percent manage a Twitter account, a paltry 23 percent have active Instagram profiles.   … Read More

Who Are The People Playing Mobile Games?

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We all have an image of what a modern day gamer is like: It usually includes something along the lines of Mom’s basement and a raging Doritos addiction. But mobile gaming has officially changed the face of gamers as a group, and it’s probably Mom who’s playing games on her smartphone…

Why Mobile is the Next Little Thing in 2015 Market Research Trends

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The tech world moves forward, but market research isn’t an industry to jump into anything too quickly. But being slow to adapt to new trends and technology is exactly what makes traditional market research methods so outdated. While the rest of the tech world forges ahead, data foot-dragging won’t do. And, while it’s true that not every trend is bandwagon-worthy, … Read More

Why Mobile Games are Ideal for Market Intelligence

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Why Mobile Games are Ideal for Market Intelligence

It’s About Time! One advantage of using mobile games (an “always available” platform) to collect demographic market intelligence is that respondents are able to fit their responses into the natural flow of their daily lives. For instance, a lot of us at the office play Slice of Life at roughly the same time each day, midday with a coffee, but … Read More