The Role of a Chief Marketing Officer

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Anyone in the marketing industry (or TV fanatic) can tell you that AMC’s Mad Men offers some startling insight into how the marketing industry has changed over the last five decades. For one, most marketing execs don’t scribble their best ideas onto a cocktail napkin after a night of binge drinking: Modern marketing is all about the…

Exit Polls vs Actual Results & Ballots

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The public opinion on millennials swings anywhere from believing that they’re creative, efficient, and savvy to thinking that they’re the low attention-spanned generation ruining everything. Still, whatever you think about millennials, one thing is true: Right now, they hold a lot of the economic, political, and social…

Spin Cycle: Quantitative Research vs Qualitative Research

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Spin Cycle: The Symbiotic Relationship Between Quantitative and Qualitative Data The numbers never lie; but sometimes, they don’t tell the whole story, either. The market research industry is often at odds when trying to decide whether to trust quantitative data (hard numbers and statistics) or qualitative data (which isn’t in numerical form, like survey answers). But the truth is that it … Read More

Advantages and Disadvantages of Traditional Market Research

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Comfort or Quality? The Pros and Cons of Traditional Market Research Some things are strictly a matter of comfort: You don’t want the stress of finding a new job, so you stick with your old one. You can’t stand your neighborhood, but don’t want to navigate the new one. You don’t want to risk hating pastrami, so you always order … Read More