What Exactly is Nielson Holdings N.V.?

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Still mourning the loss of Arrested Development? Don’t blame the American public; blame Nielson Holdings N.V. (usually just known as Nielson, or the Nielson company). Nielson is the TV data company that rates television shows based on how many Americans are tuning in. That data is turned into a comprehensive rating system and, when compared to production costs and advertising revenue, can make or break your favorite TV show.
It’s said that if you’re not paying for something, then you’re the product. This is never truer than in the case of television advertising, where Nielson leverages audience data to…

Multicultural Marketing: McDonald’s Commericals

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Despite making up 17 percent of the U.S. population and a projected $1.5 trillion in purchasing power in 2015, most marketers fail when selling to–or even acknowledging–the Latino population. But after McDonald’s won Marketer of the Year at the American Hispanic Advertising Association’s annual conference, it highlighted exactly what the fast food giant was doing right in terms of targeting Latinos.

Stevia: Will It Ever Replace Sugar?

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Stevia manufacturers probably thought they hit a sweet spot in the sugar market: A natural sugar substitute that has zero calories, yet is 200 times sweeter than sugar sounds like a solution to organic eaters and serial dieters alike. But though stevia products sell well, they haven’t caught up to sugar sales–and it’s unlikely that they will.

Why Is Ben & Jerry’s Sponsoring Open Air Cinemas?

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Warm nights, cold ice cream, and an outdoor movie theater: Sounds perfect, right? That’s what Ben & Jerry’s is banking on, anyway. For the last few years, the Vermont-based ice cream manufacturer has been sponsoring open air cinemas for lucky movie-and-ice cream enthusiasts in locations all across Australia.

Why Isn’t Soylent More Popular?

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soylent row

If it sounds like something you’d read about in an Orwell cautionary tale, you might not see the appeal: Soylent–a nutritive food replacement drink–launched in 2014 to lukewarm reviews. Soylent isn’t a protein shake or a supplement: It’s classified by the FDA as a food. Part scientist and part activist, Soylent’s creator Rob Rhinehart lives on a mostly Soylent diet and claims that the shake-like drink is all humans need to stay healthy.

Real-Life UX Branding: VitaPack

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Source: Behance user Ágnes Gyömrei

If you’re dedicated to organic foods, then you’re all too aware of the internal struggle that happens every time an environmentally-conscious shopper goes to the grocery store. Equipped with her own eco-friendly shopping bags, she’s still subjected to using thin, non-recyclable produce bags when picking out her bounty of organic fruits and vegetables.

Pop Up Shops Continued: Dyson Vacuum Cleaners

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It’s hard to get people talking about household items; much less vacuum cleaners. But upstart Dyson has figured out a way to inspire Apple-level interest in a household object that you probably haven’t previously paid that much interest to. Thanks to pop-up shops in the UK, Chicago, and Japan, Dyson has been pulling in potential and existing customers alike, all while generating a healthy buzz online. It’s another case study that proves pop-up shops can boost brand engagement and work for creating interest around new products, collections, and brands.

Tangential Marketing: Google’s First Retail Shop

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Shopping at Google: Why a Brick-and-Mortar Store Makes Sense    We call it “tangential marketing:” Google opened its first-ever physical retail location in London in March. While it’s true that Google does offer a slew of products–think laptops, phones, and smartwatches–the Google store isn’t all about making a sale. Instead, it allows customers to interact with some of the innovations … Read More

More Pop Up Shops: A Magazine Brought to Life

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It’s like the pages of your favorite magazine come to life: Perfectly curated products and services in one convenient, low-commitment location. In June, Milk Japon was able to make the leap from glossy to retail space by creating a pop-up shop that acted as the perfect complement to the magazine’s lifestyle focus.

Carlsberg Does It Again: How “Beer Beauty” Exploits Customer Base Correctly

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Carlsberg does it Again: How “Beer Beauty” Exploits Customer Base Correctly Euro beer brand Carlsberg has spent the last two years in a massive push for both Western European and Asian markets, with a focus on everything from sustainable packaging to promoting responsible drinking and even a free beer campaign for their target demographic. But Carlsberg’s latest bid to attract … Read More