Is the Market Research Industry Lagging Behind?

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When your phone can schedule appointments and tell you how many carbs are in your morning latte, it’s hard to imagine a time when tech didn’t rule every aspect of life. But not every industry moves at such sophisticated speeds. Read more here:

#MRMW 2015: The Best Mobile Quant Award Goes To…

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Upfront Analytics is excited to be a finalist for a Best Mobile Quant award The MRMW awards showcase the best of the market research industry. The awards are slated to take place at the MRMW North America Conference & Awards Gala, happening on May 19-22 2015 in New York. Upfront Analytics is excited to be presenting their findings on brand preferences, shopping behaviors … Read More

Spin Cycle: Quantitative Research vs Qualitative Research

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Spin Cycle: The Symbiotic Relationship Between Quantitative and Qualitative Data The numbers never lie; but sometimes, they don’t tell the whole story, either. The market research industry is often at odds when trying to decide whether to trust quantitative data (hard numbers and statistics) or qualitative data (which isn’t in numerical form, like survey answers). But the truth is that it … Read More

Advantages and Disadvantages of Traditional Market Research

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Comfort or Quality? The Pros and Cons of Traditional Market Research Some things are strictly a matter of comfort: You don’t want the stress of finding a new job, so you stick with your old one. You can’t stand your neighborhood, but don’t want to navigate the new one. You don’t want to risk hating pastrami, so you always order … Read More

Why Mobile is the Next Little Thing in 2015 Market Research Trends

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The tech world moves forward, but market research isn’t an industry to jump into anything too quickly. But being slow to adapt to new trends and technology is exactly what makes traditional market research methods so outdated. While the rest of the tech world forges ahead, data foot-dragging won’t do. And, while it’s true that not every trend is bandwagon-worthy, … Read More

Why Games Can Measure Brand Awareness

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Why Games Can Measure Brand Awareness

Board Games and Consumer Behavior Part 1: Guessing Lots of people that hear about our company are curious where the idea came from (to use games to understand brand attitudes and behaviors), as well as figuring out who are the people playing games. If you play as many board and party games as we do, you start to see the connections … Read More

Why Mobile Games are Ideal for Market Intelligence

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Why Mobile Games are Ideal for Market Intelligence

It’s About Time! One advantage of using mobile games (an “always available” platform) to collect demographic market intelligence is that respondents are able to fit their responses into the natural flow of their daily lives. For instance, a lot of us at the office play Slice of Life at roughly the same time each day, midday with a coffee, but … Read More

Why Calling Landlines for Market Research is Inaccurate

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Why Calling Landlines for Market Research is Inaccurate

The Death Spiral of Landline Continues Over four billion dollars was spent on collecting market research through telephone surveys during 2013[1], 70% of which is estimated to come from landline calls[2]. The market research community continues to rely heavily on RDD landline surveys, even as reduced landline coverage rates call the validity of the method into question. How Bad Is … Read More

Measuring Intent of US Liberals vs Conservatives

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Measuring Intent of US Liberals vs Conservatives

That’s Politics WARNING: If you believe the ‘never discuss politics or religion in polite company’ rule should apply to blog posts, you should stop reading now. With the midterm elections fast approaching and nightly news broadcasts devoting an increasing amount of time to the most divisive issues of U.S. politics – gun control, social security and immigration – we began … Read More