Decision Making: Emotional vs Logical

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"Why don't more of you appreciate my wry sense of humor?"

An experiment by University of Texas researchers Raghunathan and Huang went something like this: Subjects were shown a picture of a nice, plump chicken and a picture of a chicken that was sickly and skinny. They were told that the plump chicken was natural and the skinny one was genetically modified…

The Pros and Cons of Observational Research

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Amazed Young Girl Standing Up Against Large Aquarium Observation Glass.

If actions speak louder than words, then observing someone’s behavior is more effective than asking them to tell you their plans. Your friend, for instance, could say that she’ll meet you at a restaurant Friday night, but unless she shows up, it’s just lip service.

That’s the main benefit for the observational method for market research…

How to Become a Market Researcher

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Unlike astronauts and veterinarians, no kid tells everyone that he wants to be a “market research analyst” when he grows up. But a certain type of kid–calculator in pocket; constantly questioning everything he sees–is a natural fit for the growing and ever-changing profession.

Market research analysts don’t always follow the same career path, which offers a …

Understanding the Importance of Demographics in Marketing

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A very detailed map of US regions. Each region is grouped and labeled in a separate layer and is very easy to manipulate. Each state can be easily manipulated. The vector formats for Adobe Illustrator AI CS2 and EPS. Also includes a high res JPG file. Map source is in public domain at US Cencus Bureau website.

Most people willingly assign themselves to categories. In fact, they prefer to be categorized, proudly proclaiming themselves as Cleveland Cavaliers fans; book-lovers; people who are scared of spiders. Categories are way for people to find those most like themselves and assign certain traits and characteristics to their own behavior…

What is Choice Modeling?

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Cute character businessman standing alone at intersection, being confused and making decision to choose right way to go.

We make choices almost every moment of our lives. Whether you’re choosing between creamer or milk in your coffee, whether to take the bus or walk to work, and whether to watch the news or catch up on your favorite reality show, you make choices both consciously and unconsciously. It may seem like those choices simply define the minutiae of your day, when in fact, your choices have a bigger impact than you think…

Who Are The People Playing Mobile Games?

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Game Controller Joystick Network Technology Concept

We all have an image of what a modern day gamer is like: It usually includes something along the lines of Mom’s basement and a raging Doritos addiction. But mobile gaming has officially changed the face of gamers as a group, and it’s probably Mom who’s playing games on her smartphone…

How To Avoid Cognitive Bias in Market Research

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Who How Why What Questions Meaning Researching And Investigating

Most people like to think of themselves as objective and rational, capable of evaluating all of the information available in order to make the right decision at the right time. In reality, our decision making is often flawed, influenced by cognitive biases…

Market Research vs Competitive Intelligence

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Business Intelligence Word Cloud Concept on a 3D cube Whiteboard with great terms such as predictive, modeling, analytics and more.

All’s fair in love and war, and on the battleground that is business, intelligence is more than fair: It’s the biggest difference between the company that claims victory and the one licking its wounds and limping home.

Market research is a first line of defense for every organization…

Why Census Data is Useful for Market Research

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A 3d map of the United States, with the most populated states in dark blue and the least populated in light blue, data from 2000 U.S. Census

The U.S. Census may not be the most interactive or engaging of surveys, but it does have one thing firmly on its side: The law. And while you probably can’t invoke legal penalties to encourage respondents to complete your next market research study, you can still reap some of the benefits from Census Bureau’s approach…

Data Mining Vs Artificial Intelligence Vs Machine Learning

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Android is working with touchscreen technology

Data Mining: can cull existing information to highlight patterns, and serves as foundation for AI and machine learning. Artificial Intelligence: broad term for using data to offer solutions to existing problems Machine Learning: goes beyond AI, and offers data necessary for a machine to learn & adapt When talking about artificial intelligence and machine learning, public knowledge lands somewhere between … Read More