Interview Series: Tim Krywulak, Georgian College

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Upfront Analytics is continuing with its market research program director interview series. Last week, we interviewed Richard Spreng, Faculty Director of the Eli Broad Graduate School of Management Master of Science in Marketing Research (MSMR) program at Michigan State University. This week, we reached out to Tim Krywulak, director of Georgian College’s post-graduate Research Analyst program. Tim has been involved with education … Read More

What Exactly is Nielson Holdings N.V.?

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nielson tv ratings

Still mourning the loss of Arrested Development? Don’t blame the American public; blame Nielson Holdings N.V. (usually just known as Nielson, or the Nielson company). Nielson is the TV data company that rates television shows based on how many Americans are tuning in. That data is turned into a comprehensive rating system and, when compared to production costs and advertising revenue, can make or break your favorite TV show.
It’s said that if you’re not paying for something, then you’re the product. This is never truer than in the case of television advertising, where Nielson leverages audience data to…

Interview Series: Faculty Director Richard Spreng, Michigan State University

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Upfront Analytics has decided to launch an interview series with directors and deans of various prestigious post-graduate market research programs throughout North America. We are starting with Richard Spreng, Faculty Director of the Eli Broad Graduate School of Management Master of Science in Marketing Research (MSMR) program at Michigan State University.

Baby Boomers Are Still Consumer Decision Makers

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baby boomers

If ever there was an overarching theme for the year, it would probably be centered on millennials: how they think; how they react; how they buy; how they contribute to world issues. But even though millennials and Generation Z marketing are trending topics, marketers could be missing out on a huge sector of the population by ignoring baby boomers. Despite what you might have heard about millennial spending habits, baby boomers are the ones who control the discretionary spending in the United States (35 percent, more than any other age group).

Multicultural Marketing: McDonald’s Commericals

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Despite making up 17 percent of the U.S. population and a projected $1.5 trillion in purchasing power in 2015, most marketers fail when selling to–or even acknowledging–the Latino population. But after McDonald’s won Marketer of the Year at the American Hispanic Advertising Association’s annual conference, it highlighted exactly what the fast food giant was doing right in terms of targeting Latinos.

Made in China: Why Americans are Skeptical of Asian Brands

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Whether you’re a die-hard “made in America” person or you’re more interested in getting the best price, most Americans agree that when it comes to products, Chinese-made isn’t first choice. A 2005 survey by Synovate found that only one in eight Americans think highly of Chinese-made products. In contrast, 78 percent of Americans rated American-made products as “high quality.”

What Are Examples of Loss Aversion?

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loss aversion roulette

Perhaps the most succinct example of loss aversion theory can be seen in casinos around the world. There, fun-seekers and hardcore gamblers alike all follow the same pattern: The first round they play–be it blackjack or slots–is to win. The second round? It’s to recoup losses.

Stevia: Will It Ever Replace Sugar?

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Stevia manufacturers probably thought they hit a sweet spot in the sugar market: A natural sugar substitute that has zero calories, yet is 200 times sweeter than sugar sounds like a solution to organic eaters and serial dieters alike. But though stevia products sell well, they haven’t caught up to sugar sales–and it’s unlikely that they will.

Robert K. Merton: The Father of Focus Groups

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You’ve probably seen a focus group depicted in popular culture: A TV show about marketers shows a room full of individuals testing out a product, or giving their opinions to a two-way mirror. But while focus groups make good dramatic fodder, their history is dramatic enough. In fact, the father of focus groups, sociologist Robert Merton, famously bemoaned that he wished he received royalties for the widespread adoption of what was perhaps his greatest contribution to social sciences.

Why Aren’t More Brands Using Instagram?

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Instagram 2

3 Myths and Misconceptions With 300 million active users each month and 70 million photos shared each day, Instagram seems like a no-brainer for brands looking to gain exposure. But a recent survey by Yesmail found that while 80 percent of brands use Facebook and 82 percent manage a Twitter account, a paltry 23 percent have active Instagram profiles.   … Read More