What is Datafication? – Definition & Examples

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What is datafication? It is essentially a modern technological trend which takes a process that was previously invisible into data. Many organizations are dependent on data to operate properly or at all.
Most businesses today are essentially data businesses, with a large data infrastructure behind them…

Interview Series: Michael Richarme, University of Texas at Arlington

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This week we reached out to Dr. Michael Richarme, Clinical Assistant Professor & Associate Director of the Master of Science in Marketing Research Program at The University of Texas at Arlington. Professor Richarme has over four decades of marketing planning and research experience, as well as 32 years of corporate experience.

Pros and Cons of Mystery Shoppers in Marketing

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mystery shopper

You’ve probably seen ads for companies looking for mystery shoppers: Individuals who pose as regular shoppers to secretly gather information about store policies, customer service, and other data points. It all sounds very cloak-and-dagger, but when you’re on the other side of mystery shopping, you’re really searching for clarity–not mystique. Brands considering mystery shopping for market research need to weigh the pros against the cons to demystify exactly what an undercover shopper can reveal.

5 Reasons Brands Change Their Logos

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brand logo changes

In 2010, clothing retailer Gap practically caused a Twitter riot when it changed its classic navy blue square logo design. Instead of the traditional white-on-blue, the new logo was black lettering with a transparent blue square positioned over the upper-right corner of the ‘p.’ Gap hoped its new logo would modernize the brand, but public opinion was so negative that the brand reverted back to its classic design after just one week, perhaps to retain customer-based brand equity.

Interview Series: Paul Berger, Bentley University

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Upfront Analytics is continuing with its market research program director interview series. Last week, we interviewed Professor Charlotte Mason, Department Head and C. Herman and Mary Virginia Terry Chair of Business Administration, and Masters of their Marketing Research Program.

What are the Advantages & Applications of Mobile Commerce?

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mobile commerce smart phone

Americans are more addicted to their mobile gadgets than ever: According to the Pew Internet Center, 64 percent of American adults own a smartphone and 42 percent are the proud owners of an Internet-connected tablet. Sixty-seven percent of smartphone users check their devices even when they don’t hear an alert, and 29 percent admit that they couldn’t imagine living without their smartphone.

Interview Series: Charlotte Mason Interview, Terry College of Business

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Upfront Analytics is continuing with its market research program director interview series. Last week, we interviewed Tim Krywulak, director of Georgian College’s post-graduate Research Analyst program. This week we reached out to Charlotte Mason, Department Head and C. Herman and Mary Virginia Terry Chair of Business Administration. Professor Mason is the director of the Masters of Marketing Research program, and was recently named … Read More

Is MTV Losing Touch with Millenials? Now What?

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This year’s version of the MTV Video Music Awards was the lowest-rated since 1994, prompting some in-depth questions about MTV and its tenuous grasp on what Millenials and Gen Z-ers actually want from entertainment. The program only brought in 5 million viewers when it originally aired on MTV on Aug. 30th, but the online engagement numbers are a stark contrast to tepid numbers: 21.4 million VMA-related tweets were generated during the telecast.

Explaining the Law Of Diminishing Marginal Utility

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Closeup of roasted popcorns filled in buckets at cinema

We’ve all heard that you can have too much of a good thing, but that principle might be most evident at the movie theater. As you walk toward the concession stand, you’re usually confronted with choices for popcorn and drink sizes. Sure, you really only have the appetite for a small popcorn, but you’re upsold by a clever concession worker into a large. As you settle into your seat, you start eating your buttery popcorn. It’s love at first bite as you thoroughly enjoy…