5 Must-Read Books for Market Research

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books shelf

You can tell a lot about a person by the area of the bookstore in which they spend their time: Whimsical types might have a penchant for the travel section; serious types might make a beeline to check out the latest science-related tomes. But market research texts may not be as easily categorized in your bookstore or library. At first … Read More

Social Media Analytics & Mining

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Tool for coal mining.

You can find out a lot about someone just by looking at their various social media profiles. From careers to vacations, circles of friends to book recommendations, it seems like there’s a social site for just about every aspect of life. So it makes sense that market research, as an industry, would look toward social analytics as a method for assembling accurate customer profiles.

Live Human Marketing: Walkers Chips

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When you head to a vending machine for an afternoon pick-me-up, the last thing you‘d expect is to meet a brand ambassador for your favorite snack. But that’s exactly what Walker Chips imagined with its “Tweet to Eat” campaign last year. While chip-lovers waited for their bus at a busy intersection, a vending machine came to life, seemingly housing a live person who encouraged the commuters to send out a tweet and receive a free bag of chips in return.

Does Silicon Valley Respect Market Research?

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Silicon Valley-01

We love a success story, but it’s the tales of failure that really teach us something. And with Silicon Valley churning out superstar startups and corporate collapse at a breakneck pace, it’s all too easy to chalk up wins and losses to some special sauce: A combination of innovation, contacts, and dumb luck.

What is Brandalism?

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brandalism london

What happens when you add a mix of sardonic branding and a form of legal vandalism? Assuming the title didn’t give it away, the answer is a relatively new term called brandalism.
Look no further than London, July 2012, when 26 British artists joined together to run a ‘subvertising’ campaign, right before the London Olympics.

Our Favorite Generational Marketing Expert

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We recently published an infographic about marketing toward Generation Z. One of the first people we reached out to was Nancy Nessel, a generational expert. We asked Nancy to take a look at our infographic, and she graciously published it on her blog. In 2012, Nany founded GettingGenZ.com, in which she blogs about the finicky 15 year olds that marketers are having trouble understanding.

Interview Series: Norman Kurtis, IE School of Human Sciences and Technology

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In continuing our Market Research Interview Series, we reached out to Norman Kurtis, Vice Dean of Behavior & Human Development, and Professor of Consumer Insights & Behavior at IE School of Human Sciences and Technology, located in Madrid, Spain. Norman has 20+ years of experience helping brands ask the right questions from a strategy, marketing and consumer insights perspective.

Brand Manager Vs Marketing Manager Vs Product Manager: What’s the Difference?

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To the unpracticed eye, the terms “brand manager,” “marketing manager,” and “product manager” may seem similar enough to be completely interchangeable. But in the machine that is marketing and product development, each are important and distinctive cogs that are vital to the success of a company and its products. Understanding the unique differences between each role can help you see just how mutually important they are–and how they lean on one another for success.

What Are the Benefits of Using Databases to Analyze Marketing Research Data?

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Database market research isn’t exactly a new method: it’s been popular since the 80s. Still, it might be a case of classic methods still being among the most effective, particularly when it comes to marketing communications and improving open and response rates. It’s true that there are new innovations and methods that can help your market research efforts, but database information is a great place to start for some surprising reasons.

REI to Close on Black Friday: Why Anarchist Marketing Works

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Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving Day in the United States, often regarded as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season.  Isolated text in letterpress wood type printing blocks.

The National Retail Federation estimated that 86.9 million shoppers braced the crowds for Black Friday shopping in 2014. So why would a top retailer make the choice to remain closed and miss all of those potential sales? REI says it’s simple: The outdoor goods retailer wants shoppers to opt for the outdoors instead of spending the holidays at a shopping mall with their #OptOutside campaign.