Make smarter decisions with superior data.

Upfront Analytics is disrupting the way market research is collected and distributed. We use mobile games to collect superior data, and produce faster actionable intelligence for brands and products.

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Data mining | Shopper experience | Forecasting | Segmentation | Positioning | Ad-copy testing | Product development | Trend tracking | Brand attitude | Marketing awareness

Sophisticated Research Design for Complex Problems

Illuminate problems that traditional methods can’t handle and combine the scale and breadth of big-data techniques with the focus of prompted inquiry.

 360° view of the consumer with location, attitude, usage data
Endlessly customizable, push the boundaries of what you can uncover

Test and Measure Consumer, Product and Brand

Games that emulate consumer behavior by measuring automatic and emotional, decision making. They eliminate respondent errors from demand characteristics, aspirational biases and apathy.

Motivated participants reveal their true attitudes, intentions and behaviors
No survey fatigue means more data on respondents over time

Approach a Question Through Multiple Lenses

Any one research technique is prone to biases, our games use multiple techniques to eliminate these and get to the underlying truth.

 Dig deeper when preliminary market research findings spark new questions
Ask one question in multiple ways to discover new perspectives

Insights from a Nationally Representative Sample

Thousands of daily respondents, representative of the U.S. and U.K. population on income, age, gender, race, education and location.

On-demand panel means no time wasted recruiting market research respondents
Real people playing real mobile games, not professional survey takers

Start making smarter decisions today.

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